April 22nd, 2011

Angels were created to personify one of the seven Virtues. Why these particular Virtues, nobody can recall. And until Lucifer betrayed Heaven, there was no inkling that there was a darker side to each Virtue, known as Sin. As the Morningstar’s forces quickly discovered, for each Virtue there is a directly opposed Sin.

Lucifer led 3 Legions of angels in the war in Heaven. All members were banished to a new place, far away from Heaven and as they fell, each became known as devils and were forced into their Sinful counterpart. Thus it established that angels can only be Virtuous and devils can only be Sinful.

Fallen are a different breed of creature. They have Free Will. When they Reckon, they remember their original Virtue and may remain on that path or they may allow themselves to fall to the opposed Sin.

Originally, Fallen believed, strictly, that to be Virtuous was good and to be Sinful was evil. Thus Divine were Virtuous, Infernal were Sinful.  And the Deistical? Well they seemed to understand the truth of it. They had both Virtue and Sin within their ranks and they learned what took the Divine and Infernal centuries to learn. That Virtue and Sin did translate into a certain morality. A Fallen of Faith could just as easily be a noble warrior as they could a cruel zealot.

With the Last Crusade, Fallen have found a blending of Virtue and Sin within each of the Convictions.


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