April 22nd, 2011

In KC there are three factions, called Convictions; The Divine, the Infernal and the Deistical.

The Divine are Fallen who attempt to be heroes and champions. Now many of them fall short of that lofty goal.. The Divine were the ones who first struck their own brethren, the Infernal and there has been war between them ever since. Over the years, Fallen who started out as would-be heroes have been dragged down by the war. They forget that they meant to be the ‘good guys’ and instead see only the conflict. Thus, while being Divine should be about helping the world around them, all too often members will see themselves as needing to take care of the ‘Infernal problem’ first, before any good can be done. Too many Divine have grown cold and heartless in their war with the Infernal. And many an Infernal are loving it.

The Infernal have felt the burden of betrayal on all sides. They feel that Heaven betrayed them originally by sending them to this rotten dump. They tried to make a deal with Hell but that turned out to be a trick. And for their efforts, the Divine came and attacked them which was the final nail in the coffin. Since Heaven, Hell and the Divine all fight in some fashion for the world, the Infernal are committed to wrecking it all so nobody can have it.

The truce between the Divine and Infernal is an uneasy one to say the least. It’s brought upon a lot of consequences, some predictable and some unforeseen. Naturally, it is not easy to put aside a war that has lasted thousands of years. The Divine and Infernal have been fighting so long that few even remember what the fight is about. The Divine are the ‘good guys’ and the Infernal are the ‘bad guys’. That’s what most think.

The Codex was made to protect Fallen but does not govern what Fallen do to the world around them. Infernal like to get their digs in, often by continuing to wreck things. Infernal hurt humans and corrupt society in subtle and not so subtle ways. And it irks the Divine. Whether the Infernal do it to live up to their beliefs or as a big ‘screw you!’ to the Divine the result is the same. Infernal do bad things, Divine react and fights break out. The Infernal and Divine live on the razors edge. They cannot seem to help it.

The Deistical are certainly not a lesser faction, but their story is less evident. They refused to take sides, to support Heaven, Hell or anybody but themselves. They stand in the shades of grey, with the freedom to be whom they want to be. Some can be heroes, others can be cruel, but they do not have a fundamental belief or cause that fuels their actions. They do what they do for themselves and no one else. To be Deistical is to be free.

The Deistical by and large, stayed away from the Divine and Infernal but acted as a neutral party if needed. Since the Last Crusade began, they played a critical role in bringing the three Convictions together and the creation of the Codex. Under the Codex they have no obligation to rule or to fight the Host or Horde, but are asked to serve the good of the Civitus in other ways.



April 22nd, 2011

Angels were created to personify one of the seven Virtues. Why these particular Virtues, nobody can recall. And until Lucifer betrayed Heaven, there was no inkling that there was a darker side to each Virtue, known as Sin. As the Morningstar’s forces quickly discovered, for each Virtue there is a directly opposed Sin.

Lucifer led 3 Legions of angels in the war in Heaven. All members were banished to a new place, far away from Heaven and as they fell, each became known as devils and were forced into their Sinful counterpart. Thus it established that angels can only be Virtuous and devils can only be Sinful.

Fallen are a different breed of creature. They have Free Will. When they Reckon, they remember their original Virtue and may remain on that path or they may allow themselves to fall to the opposed Sin.

Originally, Fallen believed, strictly, that to be Virtuous was good and to be Sinful was evil. Thus Divine were Virtuous, Infernal were Sinful.  And the Deistical? Well they seemed to understand the truth of it. They had both Virtue and Sin within their ranks and they learned what took the Divine and Infernal centuries to learn. That Virtue and Sin did translate into a certain morality. A Fallen of Faith could just as easily be a noble warrior as they could a cruel zealot.

With the Last Crusade, Fallen have found a blending of Virtue and Sin within each of the Convictions.


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What is KC all about?

April 21st, 2011

Short answer: A labor of love.


Real answer: They say that everybody has one book in them. Game designers, I feel, are a little different. We have worlds inside us and one book just isn’t enough. We create these worlds and make them as an RPG so that they are dynamic. So that many other people can enjoy that world each in their own way.

Kingdom Come is has been a passion of mine for a long time. I’m not highly religious but I love the idea of angels. They appeal to me on many levels but most importantly, because out of all the non-human myths that have appeared, they seem the most human. Beings that are torn between serving a greater purpose and dealing with humanity.

With that in mind, I created KC to be a game of conflict and passion. You play a Fallen; an angel who fell from grace but not like Lucifer and his kind. Instead, you fell to earth, forgetting that you were an angel. Fallen are a unique breed of being.  They are at once inhuman, being divine sparks and all that, and yet they are all too human. The duality of this is a very enjoyable part of the game. You were a being that helped to forge everything in the cosmos; from time to kittens, from jealousy to neurons. Now, here you are having to do all the menial things that a human must; from eating to showering, from paper cuts to heart break.

But that’s merely one of the subtle layers. The core of the game is the fact that the Fallen were at war with themselves for many thousand years and are now forced to fight together for mutual survival.   This is where the conflict and the heart of the game lie.

The Fallen must fight together against what is dubbed as the Last Crusade. Angels and devils have come from Heaven and Hell to destroy the Fallen with prejudice. The only way to survive has been to stand as one. But there is folly in that, because can the Fallen really stand together?. When they stand against a threat, they can put aside their differences but perhaps the true danger is when they are in a temporary calm. Then rivalries, old and new, can rear their heads.


Kingdom Come

April 19th, 2011

We are the Fallen
We are Grigori
Trapped in bodies of flesh
We war against Heaven and Hell
We war against ourselves

After centuries of conflict, accrimination and deceit, we have been forced to band together against a greater evil.

Against the Last Crusade that is lead by a mandate of madness and confusion. Against the host of Heaven and the thralls of Hell. Against our own brethren.

The Kingdom Come corebook serves as a both a theatre style LARP and a table top RPG. This corebook contains everything needed to start a chronicle, from the compelling and dramatic setting to a complete downtime system to handle player actions between games.

Kingdom Come is intended to be a game for mature audiences. This is a game about love, hate, virtue and sin and the stories of beauty and violence that only you can tell.

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