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What Techniques can be resisted?
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Author:  Wade L [ Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  What Techniques can be resisted?

So, what Techniques can be resisted by taking a Severe Trauma? Any Technique with a Challenge? What about Comparable Techniques? What about Techniques that affect me but which don't require a Challenge like some Combat Techniques (obviously, refreshing Maneuvers doesn't affect me, so I shouldn't be able to resist that...but what about things like "Exhaust two traits" or whatever?)? The wording is...unclear.

The Comparable Techniques especially make me curious - can I take a Severe Trauma in order to deny someone the use of Ravage against me, for instance? At first I thought that sounded pretty silly. But the more I think about it, the more I think you should be able to resist any Technique that affects you like this, for the simple reason that it keeps Combat characters balanced against more noncombatants. Otherwise, the combat monkey can just ignore the Technique of the mind-affecting person and then proceed to whale on them - sure, it is costly, but most of the time a noncombatant only gets one shot to end the fight before it begins with an Enslave or Subjugation or whatever and then they're in hurt. Which seems a bit unfair...but that unfairness seems mitigated a bit if the noncombatant can, in turn, say "Okay, but I'm ignoring your Ravage" to try and even it up. Severe Trauma is a high cost, but in a do or die fight, both sides will be more than willing to pay that cost in order to survive.

Of course, that still ends up with Advantage to the combat-monkey. I much prefered back in some of the playtest editions of the rules where if you chose to resist a Technique you had to leave the presence of the person who used it on you otherwise they could just try again next turn, because the current rule seems to take away some of the possibility for a noncombat defense/deflection of combat (because although a Severe Trauma is a high price to pay again, if you're willing to go all out to kill someone, you'll probably pay that Severe Trauma in a heartbeat). But that's me.

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