Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is a modern day drama, where the players take on the roles of Fallen angels caught in a war they don’t understand.

The Fallen are the legion of angels known as the Grigori.  Breaking their covenant with the Creator; they interfered with Humanity and were punished.   This punishment caused  the Fallen to be born, live, grow old and die a human life, over and over again, through countless Mortal Coils.   Cut off and unaware of their divine nature.  Until something special happened in their life that shattered the cycle.  This Reckoning brings back their awareness of the divine spark within, but keeps it locked in the body of clay they now wear.  Once Reckoned, they will never be the same.

Each Fallen remembers their singular purpose from Heaven.  Their Embodiment of one of the seven Virtues.  However, long ago, the first rebel Angel discovered that to every Virtue there is an opposite Sin.  Some Fallen awaken reaffirmed with their original Virtue, some twisted to Sin.    But in this Mortal world concepts of good and evil, Virtue and Sin have blurred the lines of morality, and even the Virtuous may turn their actions to evil, and Sinful try to seek goodness and redemption in the eyes of others and the Creator.

For years the Fallen fought amongst themselves, divided into Factions based on their beliefs.

The Divine took up the cause of righteousness and seek to redeem themselves for their crimes against the Creator.  The Infernal feeling angry and betrayed fight against the human world to take control or corrupt it themselves.  And the Deistical, believing the Creator has abandoned Creation and that there is no longer any greater purpose, save to enjoy the world as each sees fit.

But 10 years ago, angels and devils appeared in the world and with no announcement, began to massacre any Fallen they came across.  This has come to be known as the Last Crusade.

The three factions have come to stand together and the Last Crusade has worn on.  The angels and devils seem relentless but the Fallen, fighting a defensive war, have ground the war to almost a standstill.  And now a new problem arises.  The Divine and Infernal have a strong history of war and hatred towards each other.  And with fewer and fewer attacks against them, many Infernal are able to return to their agenda of corrupting the world and the Divine refuse to stand idly by.  Many fear a time will come when the alliance between them will fall.

Kingdom Come is a game about passion, action and drama.

It is a game about the final days of the Fallen, who are fighting for their survival, in a hidden war that they do not understand.  It’s a game about heroic sacrifices, villainous plots, tragic love and loss.

Kingdom Come

Against Heaven

Against Hell

Against Themselves


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